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About Us

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Divino Ceviche: Peruvian Cuisine Located In Coral Gables & Doral Florida

About Us

Christian Encalada, executive chef, who has a successful career as background, graduated at Cenfotur (School of Peruvian and international gastronomy) in Lima Perú, where he took first place in the final cooking exam. His studies were followed by two years in a prestigious hotel in Spain. Worked for Gastón Acurio in “Tanta” for a season and then went back to Spain to improve his culinary style. After going back to Perú, Christian and Frank began the project “Warike” in Chorrillos, Frank giving his support from Alabama and waiting for the project in Miami to come true.

Inspired by the great diversity of ingredients present in Peruvian cuisine and how they translate into regional gastronomy; An outstanding Peruvian fusion fare was created blending flavors that respect fresh products with the ancestral techniques while combining the traditional ethnic attributes of Peruvian cultures and modern cuisine.

Knowing the strong demand for discovering new flavors to satisfy savvy costumers needs, all efforts are constantly dedicated on serving traditional Peruvian Cuisine with a twist of originality; taking as a starting point the local ingredients, and deepen into the fusion of cultures as our own essence.

At last and as part of our approach to a remarkable dining experience, we offer a wide variety of cocktails and Peruvian craft beers that match perfectly with the restaurant menu items.

About Our Food

Experience delicious food and a great atmosphere Whether you are a first time guest or a regular, we will treat you well. You will love the fun atmosphere and enjoy the delicious food. Check out our menu page so you can plan your order ahead. We love being a part of your event and we love hosting our own. Check out our events page to see how much fun we have.

An Interview with the Encalda Brothers

Different dreams, but the same goal. The Encalada brothers, Christian (41) and Frank (38), both born in Perú, have been pretty clear about their passions since they were really young and they knew what they wanted to pursue for the rest of their lives. The elder, Christian, dreamt of a career in soccer; while Frank had the ambitious dream of running his own business. Even while they had different visions, they shared the same goal: they were eager to be successful.

Christian as is the case with most people, began to find other intersts and passions, besides soccer, as he grew; and that’s when his dream took a detour. At the early age of 14, he started cooking alongside his father, who was known to create some really good food, according to his children. But it wasn’t until he was 25 when he felt that he had the potential to pursue a career in cooking and to dedicate his life to Peruvian and International Gastronomy in Barranco (Lima, Perú), where he graduated years later.

“I remember that I used to live by myself and cook every day. I used to watch every cooking show that I could, I really liked to see new preparations and to learn”, stated Christian.

Frank Encalada, described by his brother as “a thinker, leader, innovator, creator of new ideas and the more serious of the two”, continued with his idea of forming his own business and prepared himself very well before taking up this challenge. In 2005 he took charge of administration in the area of aircraft maintenance, and in 2010 obtained his degree in Business Administration at Roswell University (New Mexico). After completing his studies, he considered the possibility of residing in the city of Miami.

Their paths joined and a new business idea was born

Later, after completing his studies in Peru, Christian decided to join his parents and brothers in Miami, where they had lived for several years. Once the brothers were reunited, one as a kitchen professional who already dreamed of having his own restaurant and the other with the unbroken desire to form his own company, a new idea for a family business began to emerge.

“It was something that we had talked about for for 4 years,” recalls Christian, while Frank points out that he was the one who proposed to his brother, while he was still studying gastronomy, that they could have their own business together.

Divino Ceviche was born

In 2011, the Encalada brothers ventured to open the doors of their first of two Peruvian restaurants in the city of Miami, with the aim of making Peruvian cuisine known to all who live in this important city of the United States. “I grew up in Doral and Miami Springs, I spent 10 years living in Alabama and we saw it as a good opportunity to return to the community,” recalls Frank.

Once the business concept and the location of the business were clear, there was only one thing lacking to start such an important project, the name. “I had engraved in my mind an interview on a Peruvian channel in Madrid (Spain), where they asked a Spaniard who had lunch in a Peruvian restaurant what he thought of Peruvian food. The man got up with the plate of food, kneeled and said: ‘This food should be eaten on my knees’. That phrase stayed in my mind, and I related it to something sublime, celestial, divine; and so I associate that experience with the name Divino Ceviche,” related Christian, creator of the name for what would be the first restaurant of a society of brothers who had begun to be successful.

The key

Both brothers agree that the key to starting and running a successful family business is in trust and teamwork. “From the beginning, Frank was in charge of the management of the restaurant and I was in charge of the whole kitchen, each had his tasks, and trusted and respected the work of the other. That drove us to do things well,” said Christian. In turn, he points to their employees as a key factor in the success of Divino Ceviche. “The most important thing in this business is your staff. It is always said that in a restaurant the most important thing is the customers; but if your staff does not feel well, they won’t work well, they won’t cook well, they won’t serve well, and your clients won’t be satisfied. Our mission is to make our workers feel like an important part of this company “, he said.

The dream continues

Despite now operating two locations for Divino Ceviche and a food truck, the dream continues for these Peruvians who intend to extend their brand and continue to grow with the launch of two new restaurants, Saltados and Ceviches by Divino. “We want to create a corporation with more than 10 restaurants in the medium or long term,” said Frank.

Despite all that they have achieved and the many dreams they still have to accomplish, this pair of siblings do not neglect other important areas of their life such as sharing with family, sports and leading a healthy life. Both attend the gym regularly, Christian plays soccer once or twice a week, while Frank enjoys spending valuable time with his wife and children.

Entrevista Hermanos Encalada

Sueños diferentes y un mismo objetivo. Los hermanos Christian (41) y Frank Encalada (38), ambos peruanos de nacimiento, tenían claro desde muy pequeños lo que les apasionaba y por ende a lo que querían dedicarse el resto de sus vidas, el mayor soñaba con desarrollar una carrera como futbolista, mientras que el menor de los Encalada tenía un sueño bastante ambicioso a su corta edad, tener su propio negocio. A pesar de sus visiones distintas, compartían un mismo objetivo: querían ser exitosos.

A Christian como a la gran mayoría de las personas, a medida de que fue creciendo comenzó a interesarse por otras pasiones y su sueño de ser futbolista tomó un rumbo totalmente distinto. Con apenas 14 años, el mayor de los Encalada disfrutaba cocinar junto a su padre, quien se caracterizaba por preparar platos realmente exquisitos, según relatan sus hijos. Pero no fue hasta los 25 años, cuando Christian sintió que tenía el potencial para dedicarse a la cocina y emprender así la carrera de Gastronomía Peruana e Internacional en Barranco (Lima, Perú), de la que se graduaría años más tarde.

“Recuerdo que en ese entonces vivía solo y cocinaba todos los días, veía todos los programas de cocina que podía, me gustaba mucho ver preparaciones nuevas y sobre todo aprender”, relata el hoy Chef.

Por su parte, Frank Encalada, descrito por su hermano como “un ser pensante, líder, innovador, creador de nuevas ideas y el más serio de los dos”, continuó con su idea de formar su propio negocio y se preparó muy bien antes de asumir dicho reto. En el 2005 se encargó de la parte administrativa en el área de mantenimiento de aviones y obtuvo en 2010 su título en Administración de Negocios en Roswell University (New Mexico) y tras culminar sus estudios considera la posibilidad de residenciarse en la ciudad de Miami (Estados Unidos).

Unen sus caminos y nace una nueva idea de negocio

Tiempo más tarde y tras culminar sus estudios en Perú, Christian decide alcanzar a sus padres y hermanos en Miami (Estados Unidos), lugar en el que residían desde hacía varios años. Una vez ambos hermanos reunidos de nuevo, uno como todo un profesional de la cocina que soñaba ya con tener su propio restaurante y otro con el deseo intacto de formar su propio negocio. Es allí cuando comenzó a surgir una nueva idea de negocio familiar.

“Fue algo que se conversó durante 4 años”, recuerda Christian, mientras que Frank señala que él le propuso a su hermano formar juntos su propio negocio cuando él aún estudiaba gastronomía.

Nace Divino Ceviche

En el 2011, los hermanos Encalada se aventuran a abrir las puertas de sus dos primeros restaurantes de comida peruana en la ciudad de Miami, con el objetivo de dar a conocer la gastronomía peruana a todos los que viven en esta importante ciudad de los Estados Unidos. “Me crié en Doral y en Miami Springs, estuve 10 años viviendo en Alabama y lo vimos como una buena oportunidad para volver a la comunidad”, recuerda Frank.

Ya una vez clara la idea de negocio y la ubicación del mismo, sólo quedaba algo por hacer para dar inicio a tan importante proyecto, el nombre. “Tenía grabada en mi mente una entrevista que hizo un canal peruano en Madrid (España), donde le preguntaban a un español que almorzaba en un restaurante peruano sobre qué opinaba él de la comida peruana, el señor se levantó con el plato de comida, se arrodilló y dijo: ‘esta comida es para comerla de rodillas’, esa frase se me quedó en la mente, y lo relacionaba con algo sublime, celestial, divino, y así asocie esa experiencia con el nombre Divino Ceviche”, devela Christian, creador del nombre del que sería el primer restaurante de una sociedad entre hermanos que ya comenzaba a ser exitosa.

La clave

Ambos hermanos coinciden en que la clave para emprender y hacer exitoso un negocio familiar está en la confianza y el trabajo en equipo. “En un principio, Frank se encargaba de la administración del restaurante y yo de toda la cocina, cada uno tenía su tarea, confiaba y respetaba en el trabajo del otro, eso nos impulsó a hacer bien las cosas”, sentenció Christian. A su vez, señala a sus empleados como un factor clave en el éxito de Divino Ceviche. “Lo más importante en este negocio es tu personal, siempre se dice que en un restaurante lo más importante son los clientes, pero si tu personal no se siente bien, no trabajará bien, no cocinará bien, no atenderá bien, y tu cliente no estará satisfecho. Nuestra misión es hacer que nuestros trabajadores se sientan parte importante de esta empresa”, puntualizó.

Y los sueños continúan

A pesar de contar con dos sedes para Divino Ceviche y un food truck, los sueños continúan para estos peruanos que piensan extender su marca y seguir creciendo con el lanzamiento de dos nuevos restaurantes como Saltados y Ceviches by Divino. “Queremos crear a mediano o largo plazo una corporación con más de 10 restaurantes”, sentencia Frank.

Pese a todo lo que han logrado y a tener aún muchos sueños por alcanzar, este par de hermanos no descuidan otros ámbitos importantes de la vida como lo es compartir con la familia, hacer deportes y llevar una vida saludable. Ambos asisten periódicamente al gimnasio, Christian juega fútbol entre 1 y 2 veces por semana, mientras que Frank disfruta de pasar tiempo de valor con su esposa e hijos.

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